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This ritual event is held on the first Sunday of April to commemorate the ancient trials where suspects were judged by putting their hands into boiling water. It was believed that innocent people would not burn, and liars would be scalded.

Ishibutai Tumulus

This tumulus was created in the early 7th century and has a horizontal stone chamber of the largest size in Japan. The total weight of the 30 large and small stones is approx. 2,300 tons. You can even enter the tumulus and watch it from inside! Address: 133 Shimasho Hours: 8:30–17:00 TEL: 0744-54-4577 Fee: 250 […]


There are 16 indoor and 3 outdoor “ASUKA FREE Wi-Fi Spots” available at Asuka Village. You will be able to use smartphones, tablets and other devices to access the Internet within the Wi-Fi area. Please use these Wi-Fi spots when you visit our village. Indoor 16 places Asuka Village Hall Chuou Kouminkan Community Centre Health […]

Onda Matsuri Festival

This festival is held in the Asukaniimasu-jinja Shrine on the first Sunday of February. The day of the festival starts with an event that drives away evil spirits. This rare festival is famous for the play where masked actors pretend to be a married couple having sex and praying for the prosperity of descendants.