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Taste juices made from locally grown seasonal fruits, such as Asuka Ruby (strawberries produced in Asuka Village) and early season mandarin oranges.

Ancient recipes

Experience the life of an ancient courtier by eating court dishes reproduced from recipes used 1,400 years ago, together with So, which is regarded as an ancient cheese made from milk.

Ice cream , Sherbet

Various flavors are available, containing ancient rice, fruits, and vegetables produced in Asuka. Have fun selecting from the wide variety of flavors!


Udon is a representative noodle of Japan made from kneaded flour. In Asuka Village, there is a type of kitsune udon where super-large deep-fried tofu covers the udon noodles. Its taste and volume will certainly satisfy you!

Asuka Nabe

The mild, rich specialty hot pot of Asuka Village stews seasonal vegetables and chicken in soup made from milk and chicken stock.


Soba is another typical traditional noodle of Japan. Handmade soba noodles made from 100% buckwheat flour will attract you once you try them with their unique aroma and texture.