The old Japanese-style house accepts only one group of tourists per night. The ancient-style fireside and the cypress bath are wonderful!

Address 1473 Mayumi Asuka-mura
Tel. 0744-54-1055
From 40,000 yen (four persons, one house)


Enjoy a homestay in a 200-year-old Japanese-style house with a tile roof. Chat and relax in a tranquil place surrounded by the natural environment.

From 4,500 yen

B&B Asuka

An inn with the equipment of a petit hotel class located at the center of Asuka Village that provides extremely convenient access to various spots. Enjoy relaxing nights during your trip.

Tel. 0744-54-3810
From 6,700 yen (Breakfast only)


YururiyaThe owner and his wife have moved from Osaka to Asuka-mura for farming.
They renovated a 150-year-old folk house by themselves, and accommodated their friends who came to help with their farm at times. Gradually, they grew interested in home lodging.
“Since we are not hospitality professionals, we cannot give you formal service. But we are hoping to welcome our guests and enjoy together like homestay programs” The couple smile.
Enjoy the carefully prepared dinner of lots of fresh organic vegetables together with the family of the owner.
If interested, you can experience harvesting of their vegetables.


Asuka Guest HouseASUKA GUEST HOUSE is an affordably priced lodge of a dormitory style.
Relax in a nostalgic and comforting space in a renovated 150-year-old folk house.
We thrive to communicate the charm of Asuka that “only overnight visitors can experience” with services for overseas visitors such as English speaking staff and Wi-Fi, as well as those for Japanese travelers like offering tourist information of Asuka-mura.