Iwaidoso (A Lodge in Asuka)

Iwaidoso is in a supreme location inside the Asuka Historical National Government Park. Tourists may only have meals in Iwaidoso.
Reservations required for staying and dining.

From 5,970 yen


Minshuku (private house)

Stay in a private house to enjoy the cozy, at-home atmosphere filled with a Japanese mood.

For more information, contact the Asukakyo Tourism Association.

Cafe & Pension Asuka

A heartwarming, cozy pension proud of meals made from vegetables grown in Asuka Village.
Close to the train station!

From 5,700 yen

Homestay in a private house in Asuka

Experience the warm hospitality of a home and the local life of the village.

For more details, contact the Asuka New Tourism committee.
Tel. 0744-54-1525
From 7,800 yen