Michi-no-Eki Asuka

The Michi-no-Eki “Asuka,” the 15th Michi-no-Eki established in Nara prefecture, was opened on Tuesday September 18, 2018. Located in front of the Kintetsu Asuka train station, it serves as a useful base for exploring the Asuka area, both for tourists traveling by train and those traveling by car.

Facilities and functions

  • General Information Center “Asukabito-no-Yakata”
  • Farm Produce Market “Asuka Yume/Dream Store”
  • Car park area
  • Multifunction restrooms
  • Vending machines 

Other services on or next to the site

  • MICHIMO, ultra-compact car rental service
  • Bicycle rental
  • A variety of restaurants and cafés
  • Bus stops
  • Taxi stands
  • Gus station
  • Michi-no-Eki “Asuka” official website
  • Michi-no-Eki “Asuka”

General Information Center Asukabito-no-Yakata

As well as making available tourist-related information about Asuka, “Asukabito-no-Yakata” offers a “concierge” at all times to help tourists find and book accommodation at guest houses and other facilities. The center also sells Asuka souvenirs and specialty products.

“Asukabito-no-Yakata” is operated by Asuka Sightseeing Association.

Address:  6-2 Koshi, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0138

Tel:          (0744) 54-3240

Hours:     8:30 am-6:00 pm

Days:       Open 365 days

Web site: General Information Center “Asukabito-no-Yakata”

360° panoramic view inside “Asukabito-no-Yakata”


  • Tourist information
  • Sale of souvenirs and specialty products
  • Accommodation guidance
  • Restaurant guidance
  • Sightseeing volunteer guide introduction (reservation only)
  • Luggage storage
  • Cruise bus (“Kame Bus”) guidance
  • Coin lockers
  • ATM (Nanto Bank)

Farm Produce Market Asuka Yume/Dream Store

Asuka Yume/Dream Store has been selling fresh vegetables and fruit brought in directly from local farmers since April 1999. Taking advantage of the remarkable variety of agricultural products grown in relatively small quantities—a distinctive feature of Asuka—the store offers a broad array of fresh vegetables and fruit including rare varieties. On top of this, it also sells a rich selection of processed foods, such as Japanese pickles made from local vegetables and homemade sweets.

Address:  2-1 Misono, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0131

Tel:          (0744) 54-5670

Hours:     9:00 am-5:00 pm

Days:       Open all year (except New Year holiday period)

Web site: Asuka Yume/Dream Store

MICHIMO Ultra-Compact Car Rental Service

The many historic sites and attractions of the Asuka are spread out over a wide area, so it’s difficult to see everything in one day. And it’s also good to visit Oku-Asuka. For these reasons, it’s well worth renting a MICHIMO ultra-compacting electric car, for extra mobility. Since it’s even narrower than a typical kei car (small car), the MICHIMO is perfect for zipping around the old narrow streets of Asuka. It is the ideal way to see the sights of Asuka, and it’s environment-friendly too.


Address:  13-1 Koshi, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0131

Tel:          (0744) 33-9090

Hours:     9:00 am-6:00 pm

Days:       Open all year (except New Year holiday period)

Web site: MICHIMO Station Asuka

360° panoramic indoor view of the Michi-no-Eki “Asuka” toilets