Asuka-Nabe, Local Specialty of Asuka

A local dish reportedly handed down since the Asuka period more than a 1,000 years ago

Some 1,400 years ago, the first capital of Japan, as a nation state governed by laws, was located right here in the Asuka region. The village of Asuka, located at the region’s heart, boasts a local dish that has been loved for many centuries.

“Asuka-nabe” is a hot-pot dish prepared by cooking chicken meat and seasonal vegetables in a chicken-based stock. The addition of milk to the stock gives the dish its characteristic pure white appearance.

The idea of adding milk to a hot-pot might seem strange, but the milk actually gives a unique mellowness to the full-bodied stock.

The distinctive smell of milk is barely detectable, so even people who generally dislike milk happily eat this dish.

Asuka-nabe is said to have originated with a monk who came to Asuka from Tang dynasty China during the Asuka period. He would apparently prepare himself hot-pot with goat’s milk to help endure the harsh cold winter. This means the dish is more than a 1,000 years old.

When you visit Asuka you can savor its ancient romance not just by looking and listening, but also by tasting.


Places where you can enjoy Asuka-nabe



Asuka-nabe only by reservation for 2 people or more. ¥3,780 per person.



“Asuka-nabe set” (¥1,080), available only from November 30 to February. “Koyuki-nabe set” is also available.



Served initially as sukiyaki. Milk is added only during the meal to enable you to taste the difference. (¥1,500)


Various guest houses (for guests only)

You can request Asuka-nabe for your evening meal. Please inquire in advance if interested.


Note: Quoted prices are as of Nov. 2018; prices may change over time.