Sakafuneishi Remains

This mysterious stonework is representative of Asuka.
The surface has been smoothed flat and on it are carved round , rounded-square, and elliptical depressions, all of which are connected by straight drains.
It is named as such due to it being said that it was used for alcohol production, but its actual use is still unknown.

Ishibutai Tumulus

An ancient tomb which is representative of the Asuka path with the largest stone huts in Japan. Constructed at the start of the 7th century, the embankment of the grave mound was detached at an early stage and giant side-hole type stone huts were exposed. The rewere about 30 exposed stones with an estimated total weight of around 2300t. It was designated as Special Historic Site of Japan in 1952.

  • Entry Fee: 250 yen
  • Closed: Open all year (excluding cases of special circumstances)
  • Open hours: 8:30~17:00